Tejas Solares

Solar Roof Tiles – Made in Spain

Solar Roof Tiles - Made in Spain It is a good invention, although the efficiency is very low, they give very little energy and the cost is high: http://cmascarell.es/es/teja-eficiente/
Pintura Solar

Solar Paints

Solar Paints https://arquitectura-sostenible.es/la-pintura-solar-una-nueva-fuente-de-energia-limpia/
Globo Solar

Solar Ballon

Solar Ballon There is a company in France that has developed a SOLAR BALLOON, which makes it possible to provide energy for around 50 people. It can easily be installed in refugee camps, etc. https://eonef.com/ https://youtu.be/NWiH8ynOvtget https://nomadaq.blogspot.com/2015/05/zephyr-es-un-globo-solar-con-fines.html