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Self-consumption System

We have a lot of experience with “turnkey” installations of this type, both residential and industrial. We offer the necessary professionalism so that you are in good hands. If you want, we can take care of all the formalities and paperwork.
Due to the now favourable and current legislation for energy transition, self-consumption solar systems are the installations with the greatest growth and the greatest future projection. These are the ones that are connected to the electrical power distribution network or grid. They generate energy from photovoltaic modules/panels that are converted by a grid inverter that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) and sends it to the internal grid network for consumption. In these systems, batteries can also be used as energy storage for later consumption. They are mainly aimed at reducing the electricity bill and there are basically two options: with surpluses and without surpluses.
There is no longer any tax on the sun! The so-called tax on the sun was born and died without collecting a single euro cent.

Self-consumption with surpluses

These are solar systems that feed a surplus into the electricity distribution network or grid for it to be used by the nearest neighbor or the bar on the corner, etc. With the possibility that the electricity marketers, in accordance with current regulation, compensate the owner for this energy within the billing period (Net Balance).

Self-consumption without surpluses

These are solar systems that take advantage of 100% of the energy produced instantaneously or that have an anti-spill system, which prevents it from being fed into the transmission or distribution network. In this case, the inverter stops producing energy that would normally be fed into the grid, without any harm to your system.

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