TOT-SOL Aire Solar

Solar Air Dehumidification

This system consists of taking advantage of solar energy for ventilation and dehumidification with the help of air panels. These panels are like the thermal solar system for producing hot water. A greenhouse effect is produced in the panel, so that air entering, through micro-holes throughout the panels base, becomes heated, in turn causing the humidity to rise upwards exiting through the upper part of the panel. In this way, dry and pollen-free air is achieved which, thanks to a fan (driven by an integrated photovoltaic panel), then gets fed into the house and can circulate there, leaving through what is normally the most humid area and opposite an entrance.

The great advantages of this system in the Balearic Islands, due to the high percentage of humidity, are as follows:

  • It contributes to comfort, in winter when the humidity is low, the feeling of warmth is higher.
  • Improved health of your home and the people who live in it when mould disappears.
  • It creates a suitable environment for asthmatics, as the reduction in humidity means that dust mites no longer have a favourable climate for reproduction and therefore their numbers decrease considerably. Thusly, the air quality in your home improves significantly.
  • An estimated saving of between 20% and 30% on heating.
  • It does not require a power connection or plug as is self-sufficient.
  • There is no need to empty condensation water containers, typical of electric dehumidifiers.
  • Guaranteed maintenance-free (no annoying replacement of filters etc.)
  • 5-year guarantee, made in Denmark.

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