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Solar Pumps

Solar energy can be used to clean swimming pools, to pump well or pond water and to supply water or irrigation from a well. The solar production of the panels is controlled by the regulator directly to the pump in direct current and without batteries.

Pool cleaning

As a pool cleaning system, we can consider it to be the most efficient because when the sun shines, the pool water is cleaned. Compare this to a conventional system that is programmed with an hourly timer and works regardless come rain or shine, thusly consuming energy, electricity and money unnecessarily.
If we think about it for a moment, the cleanliness of the pool water is only really comprimised when it is hit by direct sunlight, hence the efficiency of the system.
The great advantage of solar pumps is that they work every minute of every day that the sun shines. Be it summer or winter, on cloudy days (depending on the cloud density) or in the morning and afternoon then the pump runs slowly. However, at noon or on a sunny day, it runs at maximum power, all of which contributes to the purity of the water and the long service life and durability of the pump.
It can be used in pools with standard chlorination or with electrolysis or salt chlorination.

Well pumps

This solar system works by using solar pumps to pump the water from a well directly to an irrigation system or a tank (water battery) for gravity irrigation. As with the pool pump, the well pump only works when there is sun (unless you have batteries).
The big advantage is that in summer when there is more need for water, we have more sun and so thusly you can always pump more water.
More and more farms and private individuals are choosing this option.

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