TOT-SOL Ventajas Beneficios Energía Solar

Advantages and benefits of solar energy

  • Savings. The biggest advantage is that from the moment your solar energy system is installed, you will start to pay less on your bills or stop using the electricity company altogether (depending on the installation).
  • Solar energy is clean, ecological and sustainable. It does not pollute or produce greenhouse gases. This helps conserve energy resources for future generations.
  • The sun is inexhaustible, therefore so is its energy and thanks to the privileged geographical position of Mallorca, it would be unreasonable to not try to take advantage of this renewable, clean and free energy source by all technically possible means.
  • Independence, both from the electricity and oil companies or from other unsafe, polluting or simply exhaustible alternatives.
  • Installation is quick and achievable without major construction work. It guarantees electricity in rustic areas without the possibility of a connection to the network.
  • A solar energy system is stable in price. Once you have purchased it, you are protected from inflation and the political surprises that come with other fuels. The cost of conventional energy will only continue to rise, the value of the solar investment will also go up.
  • It is a smart investment. The investment is comparable to a good stock market share. It has double the benefits, the return on your investment in solar energy is tax free and increases in value at the speed of inflation.
  • The energy of the sun makes your home a special place. People who take advantage of solar energy tend to be more responsible with the environment and with energy resources in general.